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Aoao Watermark Key Feature

Add text to a picture

The text can be your name, date, description of picture, copyright notice, no copy, company name, etc.

Create watermark

Create watermark in your photos is a great way to discourage people from copying images that you may have on a website...

Image watermark

Have you ever used image watermark to protect your beautiful images or photos from bad using on internet...

Photo frame

Here we said photo frame not digital device about photo, it's image file. Add the image file on photo to make the photo more beautiful, here are two simples of photo frame...

Watermark images

If you are work about image or photo, if you are photographer, image editor, photo author, if you like upload your photo or artwork on website...

Watermark photos

As we know, add watermark to photo is effective way to peotect your photo...

How to add copyright to photo?

The copyright is visible watermark on photo like your signature, logo...

How to add watermark to picture?

If you have uploaded or shared your pictures to any web or published your pictures, did you worry that pictures safety?

How to copyright photos

We said copyright photos is put copyright symbol on photo...

Text watermark

Text watermark is a translucent and visible copyright symbol...
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