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Watermark Glossary

Digital watermark

Digital watermark also referred to as simply digital watermarking...


Fingerprints are characteristics of an object that tend to distinguish it from other similar objects. They enable the owner to trace authorized users distributing them illegally...

Copyright protection

Copy protection attempts to find ways, which limits the access to copyrighted material and/or inhibit the copy process itself...

Copyright information

One could define a new audio file format, in which the watermark is a part of the header block but...

Difference watermarks

The aims of such photo watermarks are completely different: A (semi-)fragile watermark is a mark which is (highly) sensitive to a modification of the stego-medium.

Different watermarking

The characteristics of an photo watermarking algorithm is normally tied to the application is was designed for. The following merely explain the words used in the context of watermarking.

Image be watermarked

Digital watermarks on images can be easily achieved thorough image editing software. Ex. imagemagick or any other, which have the watermark images.

Invisible watermark

Visibility is a term associated with the perception of the human eye. A watermarked image in which the watermark is imperceptible, or ...

Private watermarking

What are 'public watermarking', 'blind watermarking', 'semi-blind watermarking', 'private watermarking', 'non-blind watermarking' and 'asymmetric watermarking'...

Remove watermarking

The use of these terms on an application specific case might be true but not universally...

Watermark compression

The simplest of the domains to insert digital watermark is the spatial domain, where the pixel value of the image is modified...

Working on watermarking

Most people who publish papers in this field are developing new algorithms...
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