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Aoao Watermark Technical Support

Free watermark

How to Add Free Watermark to Photos to be Sold Online

What is image watermark

Image watermark is a translucent and visible copyright symbol.

Batch watermark software

Aoao Watermark is first speed photo watermarking tool...

Create a watermark to your photo

When you have decided to protect your photos copyright with watermarks, you will need to decide on a specific watermarks. It is good to be consistent and always use the same type. Here are some of the photo watermark types

Protect photos copyright

With the advent of online sharing websites, we don't know how to protect photos copyright, we are...

Put text on picture

If you also want to put text on picture...

Select appropriate watermark software

In order to protect your images without unauthorized using, please make sure your photo have watermark on...

How to watermark

If you will be posting them online or emailing them, you never know what will happen, because you photos have no copyright protection from watermark...

Check latest version

Check latest version of Aoao Watermark, and what changes in this version.

Support formats

What photo formats are support of Aoao Watermark.

Watermarked image

Multiple photo watermarks can be considered as attacks in situations wherein one expects...

What is original image

Consider the following scenario: Alice, the copyright holder, inserts her own photo watermark into some object, locks the original away and keeps selling the marked image...

What is watermark

What is watermark? Although different authors use different meanings for the word 'watermark', it is mostly agreed that the watermark is one, which is imperceptibly added to the cover-signal in order to convey the hidden data.
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