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How to Make GIF From Video

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Why make GIF from videos?

There are many reasons why someone want to make animated gif from video. The main reason is so the animated gif size less than video, that people can put an animation of gif online for share their videos. but for those not acquainted with the process, it can seem difficult. Here are some ways for making animated gif or still image from videos/movies. The first method is find a free and simple software, you can use the software convert video to gif, but they most unsupported gif animation. So if you want to get a animated gif from video, see the second method.

To make an animated gif for a profile picture from the video file has to be about any seconds long and in the videos. Please Click Here to download Video to GIF Converter, it can capture selected frames of the video file and save them to animation GIF or other image format, like jpeg, bmp... You can easily create high quality GIF animation files from video clips, and support all popular video format,as avi, mpeg, DivX, RMVB etc.

How to make animated GIF from video with Video to Picture Converter?

If you never used Aoao Video to GIF Converter, please download it at: https://www.aoaophoto.com/products/video-to-gif.exe

After the downloading has been completed please install it on your computer. This is a shareware, free trial without functional limitations, but the unregistered version will put words "Unregistered Version" on processed image. The list price is $29.90, now limited discount price is $19.90 few days, please seize the chance to purchase >>

Step1: Launch Video to GIF Converter, click "Load Video" button to load your movie file.

This program support popular video formats for loading like avi, mp4, mpg, wmv ,mov, etc.

support import video formats

In the playback window, you can play, pause, stop, backward, forward, click the "Camera" icon to capture a still gif, jpeg or other image formats.

Video to GIF Converter

Step2: Adjust part of time for output gif image.

You can drag the small "Bar" or manually type start time and end time, click "Start" and "End" button to apply.

drag the bar to select area of time

Step3: Choose a existing output size or manually type a size.

custom output size

Step4: How many images per sec. setting.

frame rate

Step5: Click "Run" button to make gif from video.



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1. The unregistered version of Video to GIF Converter will put words "Unregistered verion" on output picture.

2. No expiration.

3. No functional limitation.

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1. Free upgrades for lifetime.

2. Free technical support within 24 hours.

3. Get back lost license free.

4. 30-day money back guarantee.

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