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Free Photo Editor

Aoao Free Photo Editor is an easy image software, its operating is convenient and its processing is fast, it supports many kinds of picture formats. It has a powerful function, it supports batch rename, resize images, add watermarks, image set , brush and so on. It suit for users of digital camera and picture collectors.
Export video sequence, export Flash sequence and so on. Besides that, Free Photo Editor still support batch with fast speed.

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Main Functions About Free Photo Editor
Alter batch of file names or folder names.
Turn over and revolve batch of images.
Add batch of text explain in images.
Add batch of images by kinds of mix ways in images.
Adjust batch of images(eg, adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Balance, Invert, Sharpen, Blur, art photos and so on).
Protract batch of figures.
Transform batch of picture format.
Adjust batch of image measure.
Export serial images of flash cartoon.
Export batch of many screen images from film.
Screenshot custom area to edit at any time.
Export catalog listed files into text files.

Aoao Free Photo Editor Features
Mightiness function, gather the functions of Image Converter, Image Editor, Watermark Creator and so on.
Disposing speed is very fast. You don’t need lots of time to wait for disposing batch of images, so fast beyond your imagination.

Free Photo Editor Awards
Aoao Watermark award from CNET Aoao Watermark award from 5cup.com Aoao Watermark award from PCHOME Aoao Watermark award from Softforall Aoao Watermark award from Softpedia Aoao Watermark award from downloadroule.com Aoao Watermark award from tomdownload.com