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What is Upgrade Policy?

We provide free life-time updates for all of software for our registered users. You can check the latest version No on our product page and download the installer of latest version. Your old registration atill available for the latestversion. If you can not register success the new version, please contact us by email support@aoaophoto.com

Upgrade to another more powerful program

If you need to upgrade your paid program to another more powerful program in our company, you can pay the price difference to get it. Please contact our support team and describe your situation clearly.

Upgrade from one software to discount pack

If you have paid for one software like Aoao Photo Watermark (Price $29.90), then you need our anther software like Video Watermark Pro ($34,95), you can pay the price differcence to get it (the watermark pack price is $49.95, you saving $29.90 + 34.95 - 49.95 = $14.90). Check the price of discount pack >>

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